Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Musings

This summer has been an interesting one. Summer is something I look forward to all school year. I get practically giddy thinking about it. I daydream about all of the time I will get to spend with my son. Both my husband and I will be home and can hang out. It will be time to hang out in shorts, a tank top, and flip flops. We will stay up late and sleep in late. It should be perfect. But this summer it is far from and I have had trouble figuring out why. I think part of it is that all of the positives that I pine for from August to May have a dark side come June and July. 24 hours a day with a five year old is exhausting at best. Being around my husband all day is exasperating for both of us. The whacked out sleep hours are beginning to get to me and I seriously miss my dress clothes and high heels.

What the hell is wrong with me to allow the negatives to overshadow the true gift of summers off that I have been given? I don't know, but enough already. I need a swift kick in the arse and a snap out of it slap to the face. A dear online friend today was just lamenting how she wished she could be home with her kids instead of dealing with the drudgery of work and office politics. She is right. Our little ones are not little for long, I should be cherishing every second. I know so many couples that wish they could have quality time together and I am lucky enough to have it. I am in control of bedtime and can fix that! There are tons of cute high heeled sandals out there. I could wear them with my tank tops and shorts!

Privilege is a tricky thing. It is so easy to forget the gifts we have. I am blessed and need to start treating those blessings with the reverance they deserve. Here comes the new and improved Chris!!!