Friday, April 25, 2008

Now the random thoughts part of the program...

It has been subtly pointed out to me by my good friend Julie that perhaps I should be posting something on this blog. Apparently the intended purpose of this blog venture is to write witty things that keep you mildy amused enough to keep coming back while you wait impatiently for me to upload my next sub-par freebie kit. Since I really don't have anything witty to say I will just tell you about the amazing thing that has been happening in my household this week.

Two weeks ago my son's preschool teacher pulled me aside to tell me that she had started working with DS on letter sorting and beginning sounds. Now, being the calm rational sort, I immediately decide he is ready to begin reading, NOW. After all Miss Tammy has said he has conquered b, f, m, and n. I mean if that is not a solid reading foundation I do not know what it is. Vowels, shmowels! So, I being the model parent ask her what I can be doing to encourage reading at home. Well, she tells me that the BOB books are the best and I should think about trying those down the line sometime. Since she clearly meant NOW when she said sometime down the line, DS and I headed to the library the very next day. I confidently walk up to the librarian and ask her where the BOB books are. I am determined to get my boy the best books so he can become a champion reader! Well, clearly I am one of steely resolve because after she told me that BOB books are only available in paper back so the library does not carry them I settle for some books on tape and give it nary another thought. I am sure that following along to the brilliant narration and page turning beep of Curious George Goes to the Movies is also excellent reading preparation.

So fast forward two weeks and my husband, DS and I are out on our weekly pilgrimage to Costco. We are strolling happily along. We have already loaded up our 48 roll paper towel pack and the 5 gallon drum of olive oil and are just meandering through the aisles in search of other must have bargains. As I turn the corner into the CD and book aisle my heart does a little dance. There in all of their glory are the BOB books boxed sets 1, 2, and 3. Better yet they are only $9.99 a set. I swoop in and grab set number one. My husband nonchalantly asks what I just put in the cart. I answer him with extreme authority that these are the books DS needs to use to learn to read. My husband presses further and asks if we really need those yet. I assure him, again with extreme authority, that we need them NOW.

So, by that evening I have pumped up the idea of the Bob books to DS so much that he can barely contain himself as we carefully peel away the cellophane wrapping and open the decorative box. I pull out the first two books thinking that that should be a good start. Book #1 is called Mat and book #2 is called Sam. It is patently obvious to even the most casual observer (and to those that read the parent guide on the back of the box)that these books MUST be read in sequence in order for your child to learn to read. I am certain that my child will end up spending his entire adult life asking, "Would you like fries with that.?" if I screw this up. So I confidently hand him book #1, Mat. He takes one look at it and says, "No, I want to read Sam." I open my mouth to explain that we must read Mat first when I realize that I have not yet told him what the books are called. He read the word Sam!!!! Did you hear that, my baby read the word Sam!

Now I would be remiss if I did not point out that I have a lot riding on this reading thing. I have always been a reader. I count the library as one of my favorite places on Earth. I was the second best reader in Kindergarten, beaten only by Kiersten who was always one primer ahead of me. To this day I resent her for that! I taught English for several years and have basically built my identity around the printed word.

So, as it sinks in to me that DS really may be ready to start reading I expect to want to gloat at my child's accomplishment. But instead I had to silently wipe away a tear as I realized the amazing, wonderful world that is about to open up for my child. Reading will take him places I never can. Reading will be his friend when he feels alone. Reading will make him laugh and make him cry. Reading, quite simply, will be the key to the world. And if you are taking the time to read me go on and on, I know you understand. My baby is ready to read NOW!


Julie (It is.) said...

Ah, see, once prodded, you produced, magnificently. How can I not approve of a post about READING, for goodness' sake?

It really is an exciting thing when your child begins to read. And I don't think he's too young - Kate was reading at about that age. I guess the main thing is not to push from a threatening standpoint, but to just provide lots and lots of opportunity.

I will warn you, though - just because they CAN read doesn't mean that they will want to date the liberry like we did. ::sigh:: As my husband only reads something if he needs the information it contains, I feel pretty lonely sometimes. LOL, guess that's why my reading is now about scrapbooking online!

Hugs, kiddo, great post.

Hummie said...

rotfl ...that is a GREAT post! You sure brought it all to life with your excellent writing skills. It brought back memories of these times with my children, although I don't remember Bob books back then. But the excitement when they started ready was a great end to a great day.

PS. Don't forget to put a link to your blog in your forum signatures everywhere.

MamaB said...

Chris, this is such a sweet story! These milestones really do make you want to laugh and cry all at the same time! (((hugs)))

tracy said...

you know chris my mom told me that I learned my abc in comics not in regular setting(e.g.books)LOL

You see It doesn't matter if your baby want to read sam first than mat. he will eventually learn to read. who would thought that a child can learn her abc in comics? I was too young then and I didn't understand what's inside a comics maybe I learned to read because I enjoyed first the graphics I saw and get fascinated by it that I began to read it. :)

anyway good luck to you and to your little boy.

by the way, some people say that when you go shopping don't bring your husband because he might question you about your shopping habits and purchases. lol

rmccue said...

Hey Chris:

Just trying to get in touch... and old friend from SMS...